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Prehispanic Gathering History

Prehispanic Gathering Mesaures

Citlal         Acatl
Intona         Quetzal
Citlal         Omeyotl
Citlal         Acatl
Quincunce         Xiuitl
Quincunce        Quetzal
Intona         Tlahuiz

Original Prehispanic models with excellent finishings. Manufactured in aluminum which makes them light. Extensive variety of colors.

Available in three adjustable sizes:

30 to 48 in (0.76 to 1.22 m)
48 to 86 in (1.22 to 2.18 m)
86 to 150 in (2.18 to 3.81 m)

Cortineros Linea Prehispanic